Bilim Emek ve Özveriyle Yükselen Üniversite

Visa Requirements

Please obtain a  Student Visa / Education Visa from the nearest Turkish  Consulate in your area before you enter Turkey. You can not obtain a Student Visa after you arrive and tourist visa is not acceptable as a substitute.

Who must have a student visa?

If your stay in Turkey will last more than 3 months as a student you have to obtain a Student Visa. Please contact to the Turkish Embassy in your home country and learn the details of visa application procedure.

How do I get a student visa?

Student visas must be obtained from a Turkish Consulate, generally the one nearest your place of residence. Student visas cannot be obtained within Turkey. You must take, or mail, a copy of your “Letter of Acceptance” from Malatya Turgut Ozal University  and a completed visa application form to the Turkish Consulate. The Consulate will provide you an application form upon request. Generally, you must also pay application fee. Please try to apply to the Turkish Consulate as soon as you get a copy of your acceptance letter. The process of issuing a student visa to Turkey generally varies depending on your country of residence and in some countries it may take upto 6 weeks. Please check the relevant web site for visa status:

Residence Permit

Within a month after you enter Turkey you must apply for your Residence Permit at Bureau for Foreigners, Malatya.

Below is the list of documents you must submit for your residence permit application. Generally you can pick up your residence permit along with your passport after a week as your passport is kept along with your application documents. You must pick up your own permit.

Requirements for Student Visa Permit

  1. Student certificate – can be obtained from International Office at host university
  2. “Declaration for Residence Permit” form (can be obtained from Bureau for Foreigners) – you MUST sign both FRONT and BACK pages
  3. Letter from the director of your dorm, if you are staying in a campus dorm (this letter can be obtained after registering your permanent dorm). Off-campus students indicate their residence  address in Malatya on the “Declaration for Residence Permit.”
  4. 4 photographs (please write your name at the back for each)
  5. Passport
  6. Copy of your passport: identity information page, Turkish visa page and all pages with stamps must be copied.
  7. 206 TL for the booklet (January 2014)

Contact details for Bureau for Foreigners in Malatya

Tel: 0-422-212 55 00 Dahili 48 21 
Fax: 0-422-212-55-18 
Address: Beydağı Polis Merkezi Amirliği 5.Kat MALATYA