Bilim Emek ve Özveriyle Yükselen Üniversite



a. As a higher education institution, MTU has a mission of being internationally recognized by raising individuals and entrepreneurs who areintellectually rich and sensitive both global and local issues. One of the main activities to collaborate with instutions all over the world. Exchange programmes give an opportunity to having close cooperations with European partners as well as other institutions from other geografies. Therefor MTU is open for all kind of programmes and international activities. The partners are choosen according to the benefits fort he parties which are based on comprehensive understanding of partner institution, compatibility of acedemic profiles and a relation of trust between the institutions in making academic decisions. Each collaboration offer is taken into consideration; especially the recommendations and result of surveys made by academic and students are taken into account. However MTU prefer to sign the agreements and be involved in mobility with the accredited institutions in both Europe and non European countries.

b. As for the geographical areas, MTU willing to collaborate almost with all European countries in the frame of Erasmus+ programme. Since Turkey has a rising higher education demand from non-EU countries’ student, MTU sign agreements with these institutions. MTU willing to cooparate with institutions with neighbour countries’ institutions.

c. MTU aim to make as many as students and staff gain benefits from the activities. Therefore, the main objective of international strategy is to increase the number of participants both incomings and outgoings. The second objective is to provide a balance between incomings and outgoings as well as to make all kinds of inter institutional agreements active. MTU treat all participants equally, which means participants who fullfill the necessisities can attend the mobility. MTU also give a chance to the participants to choose the institution or university in order to maket hem gain maximum benefit. The main target of MTU is short cycle and first cyle students. Besides these,increase the quality of the institution. Acedemic staff mobility is also supported by MTU.

MTU do not participate in double, multiple and joint degrees; it will be the priority of MTU in the near future. 


MTU aim to support and encourage both the students and academic staff to be involved in the international cooperation projects. As MTU is a new established university, it has already built relations with institutions to run a cooperate projects.


MTU undertake to contribute to the European Union’s modernization and internalization agenda as a higher education institute by signing the Charter. MTU give importance to the related priorities:

  1. MTU aim to reach the target related to the first priority by increasing the number of students and staff who attend the program which give them a chance to improve their skiils and qualities in order to provide finding information, knowledge and intensive jobs. In addition, by increasing higher education attainment, MTU try to tailor the programs according to the environmental needs and changes in order to enchance quality. To reduce school drop-outs MTU especially give importance to the programs by encouraging students’ attance.
  2. MTU believe that participating in international programs will help to strenghten the quality of the higher education and try to redisgn its curicula acording to the employers and market needs. MTU meet with teh leaders of private sector occasionally to discuss and find out market needs. To increase the quality and cross-border cooperation, MTU support Professional development for the staff as well as imporvement oflearning experiences and enrichment of teaching by using new methods and technologies. MTU care about creating research and training opportunuties which enable graduate employment. Monitoring the graduates, MTU has developed a career path system based on student surveys which heps to record graduate students employment data.
  • MTU has agreed to increase the proportion of students completing a study or training period abroad and has taken this priority a place on the strategic plan. MTU aim to eleminate bariers by ensuring the consistent use of ECTS and implementing efficient recognition system by linking the qualifications shown under the EQF for mobility.
  • MTU enchances close cooperation with research and busines institutions to increase its international activities. The knowledge triangel allows students and staff at MTU to transfer knowledge and innovative solutions to the market and it’s believed that this process will have an impact in regional development. MTU has cooperation with the local companies and institutions to help the regional development.
  • MTU believe that flexible governance and funding systems are necessary to carry out all kind of projects in order to promote both educational and research performance within higher educational systems. MTU is funded by governments institutions.